Lingerie Innovation & Bra Fit


Stylish, effortless and oh-so wearable

Build your outfit on great foundations. From pretty bralets to comfy T-shirt bras, high impact sports bras and nursing and maternity bras, we’ve got the right support for every moment

Bra innovations

Light as air

Our light-as-air cups, are made from ultra-light and breathable fabric, offering a natural shape that is invisible under clothes

Sumptuously soft

Velvet touch cup liners and marshmallow-soft cups offer ultimate softness and incredible comfort. It’s our bestselling innovation

Youthful lift

Our youthful-lift bras use special 3D moulding technology for an uplifted shape under your clothes

Perfect fit

With memory foam in the cup, our perfect-fit bras mould to your unique shape, with velvet touch cup lines for ultimate comfort