Stain & weatherproof

This water-repellent (and stain resistant) finish means spills roll right off the fabric and keep kids dry in sudden downpours. Available on trousers, shorts, skirts, pinafores, blazers and coats

Stain resistant

Whether they’ve been making mud pies or getting creative with the paints, this range means stains wash out with ease. Available on shirts, polos, blazers, shorts, skirts and pinafores


The iron can stay in the cupboard with this brilliant time-saving innovation. It’s heat activated so simply tumble-dry and when dry, hang up immediately. Job done

Scuff Resistant

Kids can play to their hearts content and still be smart for school the next day in our durable coated leather shoes. Plus clever freshfeet technology combats the bacteria that causes odour


This clever technology helps jumpers keep their shape, colour and stay bobble-free keeping them looking super-smart

Crease Resistant

Our crease resistant uniform doesn’t crumple so they’ll look smart all day long – whatever they get up to


Brilliantly clever, expandicuffs mean that children (up to the age of 8) don’t have to mess around with fiddly cuff buttons, so they can get dressed easily

Active sport

Keeps them cool and fresh with a special antibacterial technology that safely repels bacteria keeping gym kit smell free